• Introducing learning... with bricks

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  • How digital is your organisation?

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  • Modern business Modern learning

    Transforming to Digital? Forget training  
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  • Silver bullets miss the mark

    More classic delivery mistakes that have stood the test of time  
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  • The more things change the more they stay the same

    Are you making the same 36 mistakes?  
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  • Delivering Agile at Scale?

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  • Big data black hole

    Read John Prideaux's insight on how big data has been hijacking mobile  

    Big name clients keep coming back to us for more

  • Agile benefits lost in governance quagmire

    Cracking the governance stronghold
    Can larger organisations embrace Agile?

    John Prideaux shares his experiences of plodding corporate governance stifling Agile benefits and helps you find a way through